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Father's Day Regrets

After looking through a box of hundreds of pictures from the past 32 years, I found eight images of myself with my kids. Here are seven of them:

If I guess, I imagine that there are many other fathers and mothers who are in the same boat. It seems like there is one spouse who is the picture-taker. That person may not show up in a lot of pictures.

I feel sad about it. My kids are now in their late twenties. I cannot go back in time and capture me with my children.

I remember plenty of fun times. I remember camping and fishing and trips to the beach. I remember theme parks and neighborhood parks. I remember first days of school and graduations. I could go on and on with what I remember.

Unfortunately, my memory is slipping. I cannot remember a lot of events. I have flashes of memories but I struggle pulling back memories I should remember.

I think this underscores the importance of being in pictures with your children when they are young. If you are the picture-taker in the marriage, remember to include yourself!

Even better, go to a studio and have a professional picture done with your children. If you're waiting for your appearance to be perfect before you do, you'll likely put it off longer and longer and then regret that you didn't have them done. When I look at the pictures of me with my kids, in some I am out of shape and others I am fit and trim. It doesn't matter twenty years later what my weight was.

I encourage everyone who reads this to capture more moments with you and your children. I also recommend as a good source of getting beautiful, professional pictures done. You don't want to be in your fifties digging through thousands of pictures to find a handful of you with your kids.


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