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What is good about being a professional photographer?


Work for Yourself.

You're a creative person. You don't enjoy working for a boss. We can relate! It is liberating to feel accountable only to yourself. The only person who can fire you is you.

You decide when you work. You can schedule sessions around your other responsibilities. You can earn money without neglecting the other important responsibilities you have.

Sunset Picture with Photographer 3-1.jpg

All of us love to create. It's like we are built for it. Many jobs don't offer an opportunity to truly create. As a professional photographer, that is all you do!

Not only that, you'll be creating something that is cherished. The portraits you create are instant family heirlooms! It is extremely rewarding to create something infinitely unique and priceless.

Create Something Valuable.


Earn What You're Worth

Often, the connection between skill and income isn't very strong. A person can be the best cashier in the country and won't make much more than a beginner.

Being a photographer is different. As you gain experience and your skill grows, what you can charge naturally increases. In other words, as you get better, you make more. That's a beautiful thing!

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No one likes a dead end or feeling unchallenged. Portrait photography is one career where there is continual improvement. What ever level you're at this year, you'll be better next year. We all love to progress!

Growing your talent and becoming incredibly versatile will be a truly rewarding, but challenging, experience. Eric's been shooting for 32 years and still sees improvement in his skill.

Continuous Progression

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