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Why am I a good choice to be your photography trainer?

I am happy to announce that I'm reopening FotoFly Academy. My wife and I took a break to live in California and then serve two different church missions. Now, I'm back in Utah and want to return to work. As they say "idleness is the devil's workshop."

I have a passion for training and watching people progress. There's nothing so rewarding as seeing a complete beginner become a complete professional in a short-ish time period. FotoFly Academy is unique in the world because of what I'm offering. Let me attempt to explain my uniqueness in a way that doesn't sound overly braggy:

  • I am a trainer who is also a working photographer. Many photography schools are taught by those who used to be professional photographers. For whatever reason, they left the photography business to teach. I think it's important to know that I still operate a successful photography business and am fully aware of the current issues professional photographers face.

  • I am a good photographer AND a good trainer. Just because someone is a fantastic photographer, it doesn't make them a good trainer. I've spent most of my photographic career training - so I've developed as a trainer as much as I have as a photographer. Training is a completely different, separate skillset. You must have a passion for training to master it - just like in photography.

  • I've trained more photographers from start to finish than any other trainer in the world. Many, many photographers teach one-day or weeklong workshops. They bring a fresh group of photographers in each week and give them some amazing tips that surely help. Not many are willing to put the effort into working with a person from start to finish on their journey to becoming a professional photographer. My experience is unique in that I have done that very thing for over 1,000 photographers over the last 32 years.\

  • I'm training you in ALL categories of portrait photography. As many of you know, FotoFly photographs all types of sessions: newborns, toddlers, older children, seniors, families, engagements, bridals, etc. Let me say that it's extremely difficult to train our photographers to be masterful at EVERY category. It's almost unheard of. Most photographers will choose one to specialize in. Most will become newborn photographers or wedding photographers, etc. My goal with each student is to make them good at all categories. I want you to be completely versatile. If you choose to specialize, you at least have an understanding of all types of portrait photography to make a good decision.

  • I follow proper training technique based on a lot of research into how people learn. People learn in mainly four different ways. Some people LOVE manuals. Others hate manuals and just want to practice. Some really need to see a demonstration. Others just want to talk about it as a group. Some want to go home with an assignment and work on their own. I understand this and will ensure that every session includes all types of methods. Every type of learner will experience training that is very comfortable to them and, yet, be expected to stretch into other forms of training. The result is a balanced, fully-trained person. By the way, our method is based on 4MAT and you can learn more about it HERE.

Well, those are five reasons why I am awesome. If you're considering attending FotoFly Academy, please reach out to me at Be sure to look through the site at There are a lot of details about the program including the curriculum.

I hope to meet you soon!


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